W-D 40 Is Awesome

As a working mother and an avid DIYer, I love finding new ways to use items around my house to make my life a bit easier. I put my daughter to bed last night and when I closed the door, the hinge squeeked. Fortunately it didn’t wake the baby, but the next morning, I pulled out the WD-40 and got to work on that hinge.  I read somewhere that WD-40 can attract dirt, but it’s always worked for me and I’ve never had a dirty hinge problem.

I have WD-40 laying around all over my house because of its usefulness. In addition to eliminating squeaky hinges, unsticking stuck screws, winterizing tools, and removing rust on metal, there are a ton of other surprising uses for this product.

A few of my favorites:

1. It erases scuff marks from the floor.

2. It gets gum out of your kid’s hair.

3. It removes lipstick stains.

4. It eliminates crayon from pretty much everything.

5. It removes sticker adhesive.

6. It waterproofs and removes salt from boots.

7. It removes those gummy, stubborn grease splatters on the stove.

8. You can use it to clean your toilet bowl.

9. It gets pesky burrs out of your pet’s fur.

10. It easily removes those impossible water marks from your shower door.

I love this product.

You can find more uses here:

List of 2000+ Uses [WD-40 Fan Club]

2 thoughts on “W-D 40 Is Awesome

    • The other thing that works on shower doors is a dryer sheet. Rub it on the glass and it takes the spots right off. It leaves behind a film though, so keep your glass cleaner handy.

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