Book Review: The Big Lie

This sounds like an interesting and informative read. I am one of those women who waited to get pregnant after starting my career because I incorrectly assumed that getting pregnant would be quick and easy. No women in my social circles had kids because we thought we had plenty of time for a family later. I certainly wasn’t thinking about infertility issues in my twenties or early thirties. I was only thinking about taking on the corporate world because I had plenty of time to have kids. I guess I was one of those women with “blinders” on, as were many of my friends and colleagues.

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A review copy of Tanya Selvaratnam’s new book, The Big Lie: Motherhood, Feminism, and the Reality of the Biological Clock arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and I have to admit, I was curious from the get go. There’s no big secret that motherhood and feminism have an interesting relationship (to say the least). I’m always up for reading more from anyone that decides to take it on. And, I had yet to read something so in depth about feminism and infertility. The book itself is part memoir and part research that focuses mostly on infertility and advanced maternal age.

I dug in, interested to see what Selvaratnam had to say about issues surrounding infertility and especially how they relate to feminism. The memoir parts of the book are particularly gripping. Selvaratnam’s story is a heartbreaking one. She takes us through a number of miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Big Lie

  1. Candid Mama, I posted this at the other website, but I wanted you to see it too:

    Funny that I should come across this post accidentally, since part of my job is to promote a conference for “Heart-Broken Career Women” who are precisely in the situation mentioned here. It’s a conference for women like this to get together, share their experiences, and find help and healing. Don’t know how you feel about links in comments, but just in case it’s kosher, check it out:

    I’ll be there. It would be awesome if you could come! And tell you friends. They may find it very helpful. 🙂

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