From Around the Web 1.25.14


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Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* Working mothers everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.  The kids of moms who work outside of the home are no more likely to experience social or emotional problems than the kids of stay at home moms. Provide your kids with a loving environment and they should be alright. [CBS News]

* A little flexibility, please.  It’s no surprise that flexible work schedules would help lessen the gender pay gap. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

* The flu can be serious during pregnancy with major repercussions for both mom and fetus, so get your flu shot if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. [CNN]

* Put that thing out until you’re older! Pot may no longer seem like a big deal, but a new study shows that it may have a negative affect on your teen’s brain development. [TIME]

* Ingenious.  How these parents actually got to sleep in. [ABC News]

* People in the U.S. are having less babies.  Birth rates in the U.S. hit historic lows in a drastic shift from the all-time high in 2007. [NBC News]

* A big change in diagnosing autism.  New diagnostic criteria for autism could lead to fewer diagnoses, and less access to therapy and care. [TIME]

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