From Around the Web 2.3.14

Image courtesy of Pong /

Image courtesy of Pong /

Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* Read a book before bed! Study finds that kids should avoid technology at least an hour before bed for better health.  [Reuters]

* Toddlers, cell phones, and overcoming instant gratification.  [The Dallas Morning News]

* Autism News: The federal government will pay for voluntary-use GPS tracking devices for children with autism who are at risk for fleeing their caregivers. [The New York Times]

* Why do so many women have a problem working with other women? A recent survey shows that although most people don’t care about coworker gender, those who do care, prefer to work with men.  Also, Millennial women believe that being a working parent makes it more difficult to advance.  [The Atlantic]

* What can we do about gun violence in our schools?  The rate of school shootings has remained unchanged over the last fifteen to twenty years. However, despite the recent increase in security, there has been no reduction in school shootings.  [The Associated Press]

* I thought that getting pregnant was supposed to be simple.  Many women still have misconceptions about fertility. [TIME]

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