My High Maintenance Home Front: January/February Edition

Last month I decided to start periodically posting general life updates and chronicling my high maintenance home front in pictures, tweets, and blurbs.

Over the past six weeks, I have been consumed with my lawyer day-job. Last week, I finished multiple briefs on some serious cases. It was a big relief to complete the work, but it immediately started piling up again. I just received notice that two more huge filings are now due.

On the home front, my husband and I are currently installing hardwood floors on our third floor each night after the baby goes to sleep. We don’t have a single room on the first two floors completely finished yet, so why not start work on the third floor renovations? This could be why my life is in a constant state of chaos.

Also, I have been trying hard to tweet and blog consistently. I had no idea how time intensive this would be, but it’s fun and I am meeting some really cool people.

So now for the pictures and tweets summing up my high maintenance home front.

Pet Problems:


Oh crap. Mom knows we were in the garbage again. Stand really still and maybe she won’t notice us. If she makes any movement our way, run. It’s every pet for himself.

More of My Daughter’s Personality is Coming Out Every Day:


Screw my fake baking set. I want the real things that you are using, mom. Open that oven door for me now.

My Daughter Has Been Experimenting With Food and Utensils:


Stop taking pictures of me while I’m channeling my inner Bono. What’s wrong with you, mom? I’m trying to eat breakfast in peace.

Toilet Training Hasn’t Been Going So Well:

I’ve Been Trying to Stay Sane Through It All:

Missing the Infant Stage:


OMG! This smells disgusting and it’s so squishy. Get it off me now!

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