From Around the Web 2.17.14

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* One child learns a hard lesson that sometimes we just shouldn’t imitate scenes from beloved movies.  [The Daily Caller]

* This teen is awesome! Fourteen year old brings joy to his sick mother and the entire hospital. [Today]

* SAFETY RECALL: Graco car seat buckle recall. [CNN]

* Teens care more about looking old than getting cancer. [Reuters]

* Was the suspension warranted? High school student suspended for defending special needs friend. []

* Random act of kindness touches a family with an autistic child. [ABC News]

* Increase in child brain disorders could have something to do with chemicals in our environment. [TIME]

* Happy Birthday, Colin! Friendless boy now has tons of friends celebrating his birthday. [The Independent]

* Turn off the television! More than three hours of television a day can cause educational and social problems in children. [The Daily Mail]

* New study shows that business and meaningful family time don’t mix and the effects are more significant on mothers than fathers. [Science Daily]

* Happy Presidents Day…or is it Washington’s Birthday? []

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