From Around the Web 3.4.14

Image courtesy of Keerati /

Image courtesy of Keerati /

Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* The lawsuit that has parents scratching their heads. Adult sues parents for their continued financial support. [YahooShine]

* The baby is coming right here, right now! Woman gives birth on a NYC street. [ABCNews]

* To spank or not to spank? [South Florida Parenting]

* Watch what you say about weight in front of your kids. [USNews]

* Creative little girl and her mother make Oscar-worthy paper dresses. [People]

* The breastfeeding debate rages on. New breastfeeding study finds that benefits could be overstated. [Medical News Today]

* Why autism could affect boys more than girls. [USAToday]

* Popular painkiller might not be as safe during pregnancy as previously thought. [Huff Post Parents]

* Father’s age may influence his child’s mental difficulties. [NYTimes]

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