From Around the Web 3.10.14

Image courtesy of Pong /

Image courtesy of Pong /

* Things didn’t turn out the way that the young woman suing her parents for financial support had hoped. [CBSNews]

* Is Barbie ruining your daughter’s career goals? Study finds that girls who play with Barbie have a much more limited view of their career options. [Springer]

* Be careful what you say in front of infants. New study finds that infants are learning new words from adult conversations, even before they are capable of forming sentences. [ScienceDaily]

* Kids are not getting enough sleep and electronic devices could be the problem. [Huffington Post]

* Women may still hide achievements from men even though many men are okay with successful women partners. [Cosmopolitan]

* Why parents should turn off their phones and really focus on their kids. Parent preoccupation with smartphones during family time may have negative consequences for children. [USNews]

* More reasons why eating right during pregnancy is so important. Study finds that a diet high in fruits, veggies, and whole grains reduces the risk of premature labor. [ScienceDaily]

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