From Around the Web 3.29.14

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /

* Backlash against Gwyneth Paltrow’s idiotic comment about working moms.  [Business Insider]

* Could domestic duties explain the gender gap? Female physicians spend much more time on domestic duties than male physicians, which could explain why female physicians have less career success. [MNT]

* Those little white lies may affect your kid’s personality in a bad way. [Science News Daily]

* Parenting from prison. The effect of mandatory minimum sentences on one mother. [Deseret News]

* Responding to an infant’s needs is crucial to the child’s success later in life; however, forty percent of parents are failing their children in this arena. [Science News Daily]

* Cold, rigid parents are more likely to have obese children. [CBS News]

* Study finds that both environment and genes play a role in parenting styles. [MSUToday]

* One family’s difficult choice to give up adopted son. [Yahoo!Shine]

* Stress makes it more difficult to get pregnant. [LA Times]

* Kid’s Health News: One-third of nine to eleven year-olds may have high cholesterol, which is caused by obesity, poor diet, and lack of exercise. [USA Today]

* Autism affects more children than previously thought, a whopping one in sixty-eight! [CDC]

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