From Around the Web 4.9.14

Image courtesy of iosphere /

Image courtesy of iosphere /

* New statistics show that the number of stay-at-home moms is increasing and the media is not portraying an inaccurate image of this growing group of mamas. [Slate]

* Sadly, this isn’t a joke. A baby was charged in an attempted homicide and, even though the officer was suspended, the charges have not yet been dismissed. [Business Insider]

* Making corporal punishment a public affair on social media outlets. []

* Interesting survey shows the generational differences on work-life issues among Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. [PR Newswire]

* Autism affects adults too. [Medical News Today]

* Workplace bias against working parents creates a toxic environment for all employees. [Science Daily]

* The skyrocketing cost of college tuition.  [Newsweek]

* A mother gives her life for her baby. [Newser]

* Great post on body image! Love yourself, folks! [NYTimes]

* Gen Z is stressed about money and their financial futures, but their parents can help alleviate their fears. [USNews]

* Why women aren’t making it to the top. [Forbes]

* Fascinating study spanning forty-two years shows that cognitive, social, and emotional support of low-income children made them far healthier and more educated adults than children who didn’t receive support. [NYTimes]

5 thoughts on “From Around the Web 4.9.14

  1. I caught the Slate article earlier this week – generally think that’s an unsettling statement from a larger perspective. As for the generational differences – I’ve read a few articles on that and find it fascinating. Re: being more likely to stay home if you mom worked – my family is a 3 generation example of going back and forth on that. My grandmother worked; and my mom often said it was part of the reason she felt strongly about staying home with us; then I ended up as a working mom. While I know a lot of it is also about personality and economic reality, I’m curious what the fourth generation does…

    • It will be interesting to see what the next generation of women decides to do as far as working motherhood goes. I never thought about this before, but my mom stayed home and I’m all about working. Although not for everyone, I really enjoy being a working mom.

      • I’ve often wondered – given my personal experience – about the possibly rotating impact of the choices of the previous generation of mothers – eg: girls grow up emulating their moms, but also either a) wishing they were home more or b) wondering why they didn’t go out and conquer the world, so to speak. My mom is convinced – despite the fact she acknowledges I probably wouldn’t be able to not work and still be happy – that the “observing your mother/impact of her decisions on your childhood” plays a huge role in the decision of the next generation of moms. Ie: Part of my decision to work is I feel my mom “missed out” somehow by not working (even though she assures me now as adults that she didn’t).

        Given those thoughts, no pressure as a current mom, right? 😉

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