From Around the Web 4.16.14

Image courtesy of kdshutterman /

Image courtesy of kdshutterman /

* What the baby product industry doesn’t want you to know. [Market Watch]

* The Game of Thrones baby-naming trend. [Yahoo Shine]

* The safest car seats. [Consumer Reports]

*  Daycare costs more than college in a majority of states. [Newsmax]

*  Parents are more aggravated than they used to be fifteen years ago. [Today]

* People are going crazy over Frozen merchandise. [New York Post]

* Moms exposed to trauma, illness, and drug/alcohol abuse during pregnancy are more likely to have children with psychiatric disorders. [Yale News]

* Young fathers and depression. [USA Today]

* Study finds an association between antidepressant use during pregnancy and autism in boys. [CBS News]

* Putting a TV in your child’s room may not be the best thing for her sleep.  [Science Daily]

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