From Around the Web 4.22.14

Image courtesy of franky242 /

Image courtesy of franky242 /

* This is why parenting ages you. Toddler disappeared while his mother was in the bathroom and was found playing in a bowling alley toy machine. [USA Today]

* Parenting mistakes to avoid. [Saratogian News]

* Although not news related, I had to share this image of the cutest kid picture I saw this week. [Huffington Post]

* Teen miraculously survives the riskiest plane ride ever.  [CNN]

* Real life superheros. [Huffington Post]

* Bullying has a long-term impact.  [Science Daily]

* New insight into teaching toddlers verbs. [University of Liverpool]

* Women over thirty are more likely to have a child who develops autism. [Drexel University]

* Low vitamin D intake during pregnancy may put your toddler at risk for more cavities.  [Fox News]

* Fish consumption advisories for pregnant women may be nothing but rubbish. [University of Toronto]

* Shy kids become anxious adults. [Penn State]

* Earliest childhood memories may occur earlier than we thought. [Cornell University]

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