From Around the Web 5.1.14

Image courtesy of Ambro /

Image courtesy of Ambro /

* Parents allow the public to name their baby! [Huffington Post]

* Kids, quitting, and choosing to be a “dolphin parent.” [Today’s Parent]

* Using social media for good. Toddler finds a kidney donor through Facebook. [WND Health]

* Unexpected costs of having a baby. [Business Insider]

* Dealing with teen body image issue in today’s image obsessed world. []

* Three family-oriented rules for overcoming childhood obesity. [ScienceDaily]

* Just one of the many reasons why I completely ignore advice coming from Hollyweird.  [Slate]

* Working women and how negative self-image holds them back. [Forbes]

* Kids are exposed to less “real-life” crime and violence than they were a decade ago. [LiveScience]

* Medicating our kids: Almost 10% of kids have taken meds for emotional or behavioral problems. [Huffington Post]

* Antibiotic treatment may be an option for some cases of appendicitis. [Reuters]

* Autism risk increases in children born to older mothers. [Drexel University]

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