From Around the Web 5.12.14

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Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* It’s starting to get warm outside so make sure you pay attention to whether your baby is still in the car seat before you leave the car. [Parents Magazine]

* Check out the emotional, in-depth article that started the discussion on the issue of forgetting about your baby in the car. [Washington Post]

* How to be a Dolphin Parent. [TIME]

* Concerned father arrested for violating the two-minute rule at a school meeting. [Huffington Post]

* Tips for lowering parenting-related stress. [Forbes]

* Study shows that young children who use touch-screen devices for educational purposes are not any further ahead developmentally than children who do not use the devices. [ScienceDaily]

* Brain changes during pregnancy may prepare moms for bonding with their babies at birth.  [Royal Holloway University of London]

* How Twitter could affect one classroom’s final exam. [ABC News]

* Creating a prosthetic arm with a 3-D printer is a much less expensive option for growing children. [Washington University in St. Louis]

* A big shift in parenting styles since the 1960’s. []

* Scientists think they may be able to spot delinquency risks in kids. [Washington State University]

* The parenting perspective of millennial moms. [USA Today]

* The risk of dying from a pregnancy-related cause has significantly increased in recent years. [Huffington Post]

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