From Around the Web 11.7.16

id-100294906Parenting news and articles from around the web.

* Here is who our kids would vote for and why. [NBC News]

* And then there were six! A couple adopts four kids…in one day! [The Mirror]

* Apparently wealth, not celebrity, influences how we name our babies [BBC]

* Early school starting times could explain bratty teens. [HealthDay]

* Pregnant? Make sure to take your B-12 vitamins. [Medical News Today]

* A new study finds that ADHD might be caused by genes, not parenting. [Medscape]

* Suicide rates for kids from ten to fourteen are on the rise. [CNN]

4 thoughts on “From Around the Web 11.7.16

  1. I heard that astonishing suicide rate, too! Ohmygoodnessgracious how we’ve ignored warning signs! I hope the more stats are known, the earlier we can intervene. Great recap, thanks.

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