My High Maintenance Home Front: January/February Edition

Last month I decided to start periodically posting general life updates and chronicling my high maintenance home front in pictures, tweets, and blurbs.

Over the past six weeks, I have been consumed with my lawyer day-job. Last week, I finished multiple briefs on some serious cases. It was a big relief to complete the work, but it immediately started piling up again. I just received notice that two more huge filings are now due.

On the home front, my husband and I are currently installing hardwood floors on our third floor each night after the baby goes to sleep. We don’t have a single room on the first two floors completely finished yet, so why not start work on the third floor renovations? This could be why my life is in a constant state of chaos.

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High Maintenance Home Front

It is amazing how many wants and demands I get from every single being in my home (this includes the pets). These demands are combined with demands from my clients, demands from the courts, demands from my office, and demands I put on myself because I’m somewhat neurotic.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m going to lose it. The way I try to deal with all of this is to laugh, cry, or get mad. Obviously, laughing is the most pleasant of the three so I am going to start chronicling my high maintenance life in a humorous way through pictures and blurbs. Maybe you will enjoy laughing at my life too.

So, I will kick things off with my daughter, G.G.

Christmas fun:


I have not pooped in 3 days so I’m taking this opportunity at great-grandma’s Christmas celebration to do so in front of the entire family.

Snow day fun:


I win. I will not sit in my highchair or wear a bib. Serve me breakfast while I watch cartoons. Oh, and get me my winter hat while you’re at it. Don’t worry, I will think of more demands during the commercial break.

Late for work fun:


Even though it’s only 5 degrees outside and my face is burning from the cold, I DON’T WANT TO WEAR MY HAT OR GLOVES!!! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME? WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?


Now that I took them off, I WANT YOU TO PUT THEM BACK ON NOW!


Fine. I did it myself. Now turn on the radio before I start crying again and get me to school pronto.

That’s my girl.